SA No. 706

Afrocanthium gilfillanii

Fluweelklipels / Velvet rock-elder

Family: Rubiaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


As the name suggest the leaves have a velvety texture – touch one and feel. With their white trunks, heavy and strong wood and small green white flowers they are amazing little trees. Occasionally they will grow into medium size trees. Very good fire wood (hard). Small tool handles are often made with the wood of these trees.

FGXP7033    TPDV7893


Because they often grow in mountainous and rocky places, you are most likely to find birds preferring this habitat – insect and fruit eating birds. Be on the lookout for Barbets, Southern boubous, Bulbuls, Red-winged starlings, Cape robin-chats and the colourful Mocking cliff chat.

ESMI7381    UYAN9024

AEDO5742    DXML5783


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