SA No. 207

Afzelia quanzensis

Peulmahonie / Pod-mahogany

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


Surely one of the most beautiful South African indigenous trees! With their dark green foliage, red flowers, huge hand-size pods and striking black and bright red seeds they are surely something for the eye. They grow very tall and can reach high of more than 30m. The intriguing seeds are locally used to make jewellery and charms. The reddish wood is of good quality and also pretty hard, and is a popular wood for furniture.

LYSK7704    JCIG9002


Birds are mostly attracted to the insects visiting the flowers, and you are likely to see Flycatchers, Bulbuls, Starlings and Robin chats in and around these trees. Hornbills, Brown-headed and Meyer’s parrots enjoy the red ends of the seeds when fresh.


Game like Kudu, Duiker, Eland and Elephants will eat the leaves. Field mice and squirrels enjoy the seeds.

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UWFS5837    DDOI1166

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