SA No. 152

Albizia brevifolia

Bergvalsdoring / Mountain vals-thorn

Family: Mimosaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


As the name indicates, they typically look like thorn trees, but without the thorns! These trees have short leaves and are mostly found on dry mountainous rocky hills and mountains. They flourish in hot areas, have creamy white/yellow fluffy flowers and broad pods (which are typical of False thorns).

VIHQ5981    VVMV3537


When you are in an area where these trees typically grow – you are also naturally in the habitat of some unique bird species! Insect s and insect eating birds are attracted when in flower, and birds like the Red winged starling, Green Wood Hoopoe, Mocking cliff chat and the Mountain Wheatear are what you can be on the lookout for in and around these special trees.


Little is knows about these fairly rare trees, but it is suspected that Klipspringers and Kudus browse them. Also look out for rock hyraxes.

XREM6190   IMG_1918

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