SA No. 155

Albizia harveyi

Bosveldvalsdoring / Bushveld false thorn

Family: Mimosaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


With their small leaves and flat pods, canat a distance easily be confused with one of the Senegalia species. They are thornless and widely distributed in the northern parts of South Africa, prefering dry bushveld.

PYTT6261    OXFY5228


Like the other Albizia species, they bear creamy white flowers and attracts lots of insects and insect eating birds. Fork-tailed drongos, Yellow and Red-billed Hornbills, Crimson-breasted Shrikes, Little bee eaters, Whitefronted bee eater, Long-tailed shrike and White-crested helmet shrikes are but a few bird species that can be seen during this time.

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