SA No. 327

Androstachys johnsonii

Lebomboysterhout / Lebombo-ironwood

Family: Picrodendraceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


As the name suggest, these special trees are found in the Lebombo mountain range area. The wood is very hard, and used in various building materials. The leaves are heart shaped and underneath are white and feels like a thick felt. Soft and woolly. Very unique and unmistakable. Above the leaves feel leathery. Touch a leave a feel! They are evergreen and just beautiful trees with their dark green round leaves. Although they are not critically endangered they are listed in the Red Data List.

NVUW9149    BJBE2079

Birds and other:

Fruit are enjoyed by many birds and squirrels.


Game browse the leaves.

JZUY6243    YJWW8503

URLQ6490    SNKM0438

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