SA No. 318

Antidesma venosum

Voëlsitboom / Tasselberry

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


With their distinctive large leaves and showy flowers these trees are remarkable. The berries are born in clusters and ripens from green to white, pink, red, and finally dark purple! The berries are edible and tasty when ripe. These trees are found on the eastern and northern parts of South Africa and grow in frost free areas.

CWLM5431    YDKL2605


They get their Afrikaans name Voëlsitboom (which mean tree that birds love to sit in!) from the many birds attracted by the strong scented flowers and tasty red berries. Common bulbuls, Cape white eyes, Black collared barbets and Grey louries and many more birds love the fruits and Cape robin-chats, Red- capped robin chats, White-throated robin-chats and Fork-tailed drongos prey on the insects.

XINQ4337    LVDZ4681

FUNI5451    HHLR5031

FEXA6360   FAXV0836



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