SA No. 422

Apodytes dimidiata

Witpeer / White pear

Family: Icacinaceae

Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


These trees are charming with their grey trunks and glossy leaves, not to mention when they are covered in masses of white flowers and bright red fruits. They have uniquely kidney shaped red-black fruit. Their flowers have a sweet fragrance that can be smelled from a distance! They are also evergreen and provide shade and shelter to many animals and birds.

witpeer60 (2)    GPNH1871


Many insects and bees are attracted to the flowers, which attracts Little and European bee-eaters, Flycatchers and Drongos. African olive pigeons, Bulbuls, Red-winged and Scarlet-backed starlings, Crested Barbets and Thrushes enjoy the fruit. Guineafowls and Francolins will eat the fallen fruit from the ground.


Black rhinos eat the leaves.

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