SA No. 208.5

Bauhinia natalensis

Natalsebeesklou / Natal bauhinia

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


With typical cattle spoor shaped leaves, they are easy identifiable as a member of the  Bauhinia family. They are small bushes or trees. Their leaves are the smallest of the South African Bauhinia species and the two lobes of their leaves are almost completely separated , which makes it easy to distinguish them from Bauhinia galpinii (Pride of de Kaap) which lobes are attached almost right up the end of the leaves. The flowers are a striking white with a maroon line running through each flower petal. Exquisite! The lifespan of the flowers are not very long and within a few days the petals will fall of and they will start developing into pods. During summer these small trees erupt into flowers on a regular basis, covered in white, normally shortly after rain! (although it doesn’t like too much water). Great garden plants as they are hardy, grow fast and flower often!

IWLN5934    IETT4934


Insects visit these trees for their flowers and caterpillars of some moths feed on the leaves. White bellied and other sunbirds visit the flowers.


Info to follow soon!

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