SA No. 449

Berchemia discolor

Bruin ivoor / Brown ivory

Family: Rhamnaceae

Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


Stunning looking trees with their neat shape and dark green glossy leaves. Probably one of the most spectacular looking trees and a true asset in the bushveld for birds, animals and humans. The fruit are rich in vitamin C and sugar, and a very popular food source to people.

IMG_9259    NTBB6060


The yellow fruits are a food source for Louries, Barbets, Hornbills, African green pigeons and other birds. Insect eating birds are also lured when these trees are in flower.


Elephants, Kudus, Impalas, Duikers, Nyalas, Bushbucks and Klipspringers enjoy the leaves, and Baboons and Monkeys the fruit. The fallen fruit are eaten by Bushpigs, Bushbucks, Duikers and Hyraxes.

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