SA No. 450

Berchemia zeyheri

Rooi-ivoor / Red ivory             

Family: Rhamnaceae

Where can i find this tree!


One of my favourite trees in the veld, and when their small fruit are ripe, I can stand for long periods of time under these trees enjoying the sweet little red fruits! That is if the birds haven’t eaten everything. A tasty syrup can be made from the fruit as well. Red ivory trees normally also have a very neat shape, and are soft on the eye.  Just beautiful trees. The wood have a striking red colour and is popular for woodwork, and it is also where its name derives from.

rooiivoor44   LBIT4502


Many birds are fond of the small red fruits and African green pigeons, the large African olive pigeon (largest pigeon in South Africa), Cape white-eyes, Barbets, Louries, Bulbuls and Mousebirds are often seen in these trees.

The fruit is popular when it comes to birds and you are likely to see Bulbuls, Black collared and Crested Barbets, African Green Pigeons, Speckled and Red-faced Mousebirds as well as Brown-headed and Meyer’s parrots.


Vervet monkeys and Baboons love the fruit. Giraffes, Impala, Kudu, Blue wildebeest and Nyalas eat the leaves. Porcupines also feed on the bark of these trees.


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