SA No. 222

Bolusanthus Speciosus

Vanwykshout / Tree wisteria

Family: Fabaceae


These attractive trees cannot be overlooked when they are covered in large clusters of purple flowers! Surely one of South Africa’s most beautiful. Planted Tree wisterias can often be seen decorating our streets and pavements with their purple flowers. Also a popular wood for making furniture.

UQGR6446   vanwykshout57


Not necessarily a magnet attracting masses of birds, but some insect eating birds might visit these trees.


Duikers, Giraffes and some other game might be seen eating the leaves. In some areas Baboons and Monkeys will occasionally feast on the flower buds.



vanwykshout56     QQAR8315

van wyskhoutstam3


Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!

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