SA No. 730

Brachylaena rotundata

Bergvaalbos / Mountain silver-oak

Family: Asteraceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


In order to withstand the wind, drought and extremes typically found on mountains, these trees are very hardy. They are very attractive with the silver-grey foliage and clusters of creamy white paintbrush-like flowers in spring. Evergreen and often standing out against the otherwise dry bushveld during winter months. Found in the northern parts of South Africa.

QLZE7388    UPTG3295


Their flowers lure insects and insect eating birds such as Red winged starlings, European bee eaters and Fork tailed drongos. With their dense foliage they are also a favourite for birds looking for a place to build their nests.


Bushbucks and Klipspringers eat the young leaves.


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