SA No. 322

Bridelia cathartica subs. Cathartica

Blousoetbessie / Blue sweetberry

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


These decorative small trees with their glossy green leaves easily catches the eye. They mostly grow into a bush shape but are sometimes shaped into small trees by browsing game.

IMG_9405    OSGT9150

Birds and other:

Their bunches of small flowers attracts masses of insects such as various bees species and flies. The small Cape dwarf gecko can often be seen on the hunt in these trees when in flower! And frogs below in the undergrowth. Insect eating birds such as the Little- and the White fronted bee eaters, African dusky and Southern black flycatchers might be lurking close by for a meal as well. You might also see the Brown hooded or Woodland Kingfisher which again hunt the geckos’ and frogs. The purple black ripe fruit are eaten by birds.


Game browse the leaves, and because of the bushy growth can often be enjoyed by some of the smaller game species as well.

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