SA No. 324

Bridelia micrantha

Mitseri / Mitzeeri

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


Magnificent trees sometimes growing to massive tall heights! With their large dark green leaves and the occasional red one in between they are impressive trees. Their leaves are spaced in a fish-bone pattern alongside the twigs, which is common for most of the Bridelia species. The ripe fruit is edible.

RBPU5471    DDSW1120


Birds are fond of the fruit and African green pigeons, Violet backed- and Cape glossy starlings, Knysna and the Purple crested Turacos, Barbets, Mousebirds flock in for the feast.


Bushbucks, Nyalas, Kudu’s and Black rhinos browse the leaves and Black rhinos eat the bark as well.

KJSA9618    XPNL5638


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