SA No. 637

Buddleja salviifolia

Saliehout / Sagewood

Family: Buddlejaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


These widely distributed trees are some of the first to announce spring, covered in light pink purple flowers they can be breathtakingly beautiful. Their leaves are corrugated and have a leathery unique texture. The leaves also have two colours – Grey green on the top and a more lighter silverish colour below. They have a good quality hard wood. They can grow a little untidy if just left, but with some pruning can be an attractive asset to  any garden. Not limited to but often find next to streams and water.

salieh33    IMG_9459

Birds and insects:

The masses of flowers are sweetly scented and attract many species of butterflies, bees, other insects and insect-eating birds! If you stay for a while with one of these trees that is in flower you are likely to see a variety of birds such as Arrow marked babblers, Kurrichane thrushes, Fork tailed drongos, Southern black tits and if you’re lucky one of South Africa’s many stunningly colourful Cuckoo species. Also look out for bee eaters.


The leaves are enjoyed by browsers such as Bushbuck, Nyala, Kudu and Impala.

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saliehoet14    IMG_9457

salieh27    saliehoutstam


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