SA No. 256

Calodendrum capense

Kaapse kastaiing / Cape chestnut

Family: Rutaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


With their dark green leaves and large sweet scented pink flowers they are just amazing trees. Something to behold when in flower! If you love trees with beautiful flowers, this is one you can consider for your garden. The leaves have very small oil glands and a strong scent when crushed. Try one!

UBHJ6255    IMG_6900


Hordes of insects and butterflies are attracted to the sweet flowers as well as insect eating birds like Cape- and Chorister robin chats, Arrow marked bablers, Southern boubous and the Orange breasted bush shrikes. The fruit are eaten by Lemon doves, African olive pigeons, endangered Cape parrots and Brown headed parrots.

IMG_6889    BCHL0895

OTWZ5897    IMG_6888

ICLR9612    PLAA5562



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