SA No. 640.5

Carissa bispinosa subs. Bispinosa

Laeveld noemnoem / Lowveld numnum

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


These small trees have personality! With their evergreen heart shaped leaves, formidable two-spined thorns, small flowers and bright red fruits – they are some of the most impressive small trees South Africa has to offer. Their leaves, flowers and fruits are smaller than their cousins the Simple-spined numnum and the Big numnum. The fruits are edible and very tasty, and the small white flowers smells splendid like Jasmin. A nice jam is made from the fruit.

RVHB5867   QZQD7645


Insects and butterflies visit these trees as well as insect and fruit eating birds such as Common bulbuls, Cape robin chats, Olive thrushes, Cape white eyes, Speckled mousebirds and the Dideric cuckoo.


Vervet monkeys eat the fruit.

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