SA No. 640.4

Carissa edulis

Enkeldoringnoemnoem / Ranknoemnoem

Family: Apocynaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!

enkeldoring noemnoem16

In certain ways similar than its cousin the Large num-num, but with smaller fruit and as the name suggest often thorns that don’t fork i.e. simple thorns. They do however have forked thorns as well, but they are the minority. The thorns can grow pretty large and formidable, be careful. The jasmin-like flowers are a little smaller than that of the Large num-num and smells heavenly! They grow quickly and can form a very thick impenetrable thorn hedge. They are a creeper by nature and mostly will grow into a bush with long shoots up in neighbouring bigger trees. The ripe dark purple fruits are edible and very tasty (something in between sweet-sour).

enkel noem    enkeldoring noem14


Many insects, fruit and insect eating birds are attracted to these trees which are often a buzz of activity when in flower and fruit. Mousebirds, Bulbuls, Barbets will come for the fruit and Shrikes, Bablers and Flycatchers for the insects.


A valuable food source for browsers in the veld such as Impala, Eland, Kudu and Bushbucks. Baboons and Monkeys eat the fruit.

enkeldoringnoemno    enkeldoring noemnoem5

IMG_4186    enkeldoring noemnoem8

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