SA No. 640.3

Carissa macrocarpa

Grootnoemnoem / Amantungulu

Family: Apocynaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


With their dark glossy leaves and sharp fork-shaped thorns they are unmistakable and stunning! During the spring and summer months their white Jasmin like flowers fill the air with a pleasant fragrance. Often use for impenetrable hedges with their formidable thorns. They can be pruned into attractive garden trees and are very popular and widely available at nurseries. And then the best of all – their bright red fruits!! They are edible delicious and full of nutrition – vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. A winner jelly is also made from the fruit.

FJVN4419    CODO6685

Birds and insects:

They sweet scent of the flowers attracts many insects like grasshoppers (see pic) and insect eating birds such as Southern black flycatchers, White browed- Red capped- and the White throated robin chats to name but a few. The ripe red fruit are relished by Red faced and Speckled mousebirds, Dark capped bulbul, Purple crested and Knysna turacos and the Grey louries.

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IMG_9985    DELH7178

FPGM3486    FGDV3956

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