SA No. 212

Cassia abbreviata

Sambokpeul / Sjambokpod

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


As the name suggest the leaves have a velvety texture – touch one and feel. With their white trunks, heavy and strong wood and small green white flowers they are amazing trees. Occasionally they will grow into medium size trees. Very good fire wood (hard). Small tool handles are often made with the wood of these trees. Widespread throughout the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas, these trees are unmistakable with their sjambok shaped pods and yellow flowers. A sjambok is another word for a whip. The light green leaves are often hanging down in a drooping way, and the long pods hanging down vertically, often in large numbers! Lovely trees, especially when in full flower with their masses of yellow flowers!

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The sweetly scented flowers attracts insects and insect eating birds such as Cape glossy starlings, Dark capped bulbuls, Blach chested prinias, Ashy- and Southern black flycatchers and Magpie shrikes. When the pods are ripe they burst open and expose a feast of pulp and seeds enjoyed by fruit eating birds like Meyers- and Brown headed parrots, Grey louries, African grey hornbills and various Barbets. Insects and Wasps are also seen in and around the burst open pods.


Kudus, Nyalas and Elephants heavily browse these trees

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