SA No. 667

Clerodendrum glabrum

Tontelhout / Smooth Tinderwood

Family: Lamiaceae

Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


Normally not an eye catching tree – however when they are flowering in abundance they can be breath-taking with their pink flowers! The leaves are sometimes smelly when crushed – try it. The Afrikaans name Tontelhout comes from the use of the wood of these trees as sticks to start a fire.

WSAR7429    HPIQ7739


Insects like butterflies visit the flowers and you are likely to see insect eating birds such as Tits, Drongos, Babblers and Batises in the vicinity of these trees.


Game such as Kudus, Nyalas and Bushbucks do eat the leaves.

BGTP3636    IKCK2286



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