SA No. 532

Combretum bracteosum

Hikklimop / Hiccup creeper

Family: Combretaceae


Beautiful shrubs or small trees with lush green leaves and stunning red flowers during spring time and early summer. Sometimes an unforgettable sight when in full flower! They are creepers by nature and uniquely don’t have the typical four-winged fruit that is so characteristic in the Combretum family. Instead, they have a round fruit looking extremely similar to a Macadamia nut – and this is also where its other name Hiccup nut is derived from! They naturally occur on the eastern side of South Africa along the coast.

combretum-bracteosum-hikklimop-hiccup-creeper-2    combretum-bracteosum-hikklimop-hiccup-creeper-4

Birds and insects:

Carpenter bees have a preference for these flowers, however it attracts many other insects and insect eating birds such as Red-capped robin-chats, Brown hooded Kingfisher and the Cape Batis.


Chameleons, Lizards and Geckos also hide in the dense foliage from where they have a feast preying on the insects! Look out for the Knysna dwarf chameleon, Cape Dwarf geckos and the Cape Skink.




Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!

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