SA No. 536

Combretum erythrophyllum

Riviervaderlandswilg /  River bushwillow

Family: Combretaceae

Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


These trees can grow pretty large and are often seen next to rivers and water, but not limit to these areas. Their wood are sometimes used for firewood, but not as popular as its cousins the Red bushwillow and the Leadwood. Also commonly used in urban areas such as parking lots and next to streets on pavements and residential gardens. They grow quickly.

riviervaderlands    riviervaderlandswilg


Very similarly than the Large-fruited bushwillow – insects and insect eating birds are present during flowering season. Drongos, Cuckoos, Wood Hoopoes, Warblers and Robin-chats are abound. Owls can often be seen sleeping in the branches of these large trees during the day. Look out for the very rarely seen Fishing owl!


Game might eat the leaves but not a particular favourite. Large trees are often used for shelter from the sun during the warm hours of the day. Look out for Bushbucks, Nyalas, Kudus, Duikers and Monkeys.

PGSP4996    riviervaderl17

NLOG9116    riviervaderlandswil15



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