SA No. 538

Combretum hereroense

Kierieklapper / Russet bush-willow

Family: Combretaceae

Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


These attractive trees sometimes appear red-brown because of all the ripe seeds hanging on it. If the seeds are lightly rinsed to clean them from dust, and then soaked in boiling water – a nice tea can be made similar to rooibos tea! Say the name Kierieklapper out loud and feel how nicely it rolls from the tongue…

kierieklapper109    IMG_5090


Meyer’s parrots and Brown headed parrots will sometimes enjoy the seeds of these trees. The masses of small flowers also attracts insects and insect eating birds such as Crombecs, Puffbacks, various Shrike species, Batises and many others.


Steenbuck and Duiker will enjoy low hanging leaves or leaves of young trees, and Impala, Kudus, Nyalas and other game from larger trees as well as fallen leaves from the ground as well. An important food source for game.

MMZX7571    IMG_5113




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