SA No. 215

Peltophorum africana

Huilboom / African wattle

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!

Huilboom c2

During spring time water will often drips from the tree’s branches, this is caused by the Spittlebug. These Spittlebugs suck the tree’s sap, and while doing so they secrete water, which is the cause of the “weeping” effect. The velvet soft leaves are sometimes used as “emergency” toilet paper in the veld, and should not be confused with the very similar looking Hook Thorn, for obvious reasons…

huilboom80    RWTM8827


The masses of yellow flowers are not just beautiful to look at, it also attracts many insect eating birds, coming for the insect feast.


A favourite for game, enjoying the leaves and even small twigs. Impala, Duiker, Kudu, Rhino and Elephants might be seen.

Huilboom a2

huilboom69    huilboom40

ATCB4942    SJKA7886



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