SA No. 139

Pittosporum viridiflorum

Kasuur / Cheesewood

Family: Pittosporaceae


These widely distributed evergreen trees are handsome with their glossy leaves and can grow to over 25 meters tall! They are popular as garden plants and are fairly available at nurseries. The name Cheesewood is derived from the light not so hard wood.

pittosporum-viridiflorum-kasuur-cheesewood   RTTV2851


The seeds covered in red flesh are eaten by many bird species such as Red winged starlings, Grey- and Knysna louries, Trumpeter hornbills, African green pigeons, African olive pigeons, Red eyed doves and if you are very lucky the critically endangered Cape parrot! The fallen fruit are picked up by Swainson’s spurfowl, Natal francolin, Lemon doves, Crested- and Helmeted guineafowls. The creamy green flowers attracts many insect and insect eating birds as well.


Game such as Bushbucks, Kudu, Nyalas, Duikers and Klipspringers love the leaves.

32     kasuurstam1


Where can i find this tree.  Locations to follow soon – watch this space!

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