SA No. 166

Senegalia galpinni

Apiesdoring /  Monkey thorn


Where can i find this tree. Locations to follow soon – watch this space!


A well known tree, partly because of its striking name – Monkey thorn. Monkeys like to take cover from predators such as Crown eagles and Leopards in these trees, hence the name. These trees have extremely strong hook thorns and few predators are so hungry that they will dare to chase around prey in these trees with their fierce thorns! They can grow impressively tall to over 30 meters high, and look amazing when covered in cream flowers. One of the giants of our bushveld…

apiesd35    apiesdoring25


Their sweet honey scented flowers attracts masses of insects and insect eating birds. Forked tailed drongos, Bee eaters, Fly catchers, Batises, Shrikes, Cuckoos and many other.


Many game species browse this tree such as Kudu, Giraffe and Elephants. During the summer months the shade of these big trees are used for protection from the warm African sun by many animals and antelope.


apiesdoring71 apiesdoring    VUZI2305



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